NanoCube is a Melbourne based start-up specialising in the development of lightweight, ultra-high strength, durable, sustainable and cost-effective materials and products.

Whether the beneficiary is a soldier, pilot, factory owner/worker, doctor, nurse, astronaut or a member of the public, the aim is to...


Our Vision

We aspire to be a world leading nanoscience centre for the development and adoption of cutting-edge technology that addresses real life industry challenges.

Our Mission

To enable the innovation of world class materials and products using nanotechnology.

Our Values

Excellence - we are commitment to delivering high quality, cost conscious and sustainable new technologies and products.

Creativity - we encourage creative thinking, are willing to do things differently and to try new approaches through action learning.

Dynamic - we are innovative and entrepreneurial, responding to market needs with flexibility.

Collaboration and linkages - we engage with multidisciplinary industry and government stakeholders.