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We create advanced military technology that makes personnel and assets harder to detect and track, while boosting survivability and situational awareness.

Our Technology 

Leveraging nanotechnology to usher in

the next era of military protective systems 

NanoCube is developing an advanced body armour designed to provide full-body ballistic protection while addressing common issues such as breathability, temperature control, comfort, and mobility.  The technology features infrared signature reduction to reduce detectability and traceability using thermal imaging devices.


The technology is designed to protect personnel against potentially fatal or non-fatal injuries, and can also be used as a laminate layer on aircraft, vehicles, marine craft and deployed infrastructure to protect against damage in combat.  


We are also developing nanorobotics technology via a sister company, and this technology will also be integrated into the innovation for enhanced situational awareness and protection. 

* Image is for illustrative purposes 

Armour long L.png

Our Story

A mission to revolutionise military protection

NanoCube was founded by an engineer and impact-driven business leader who recognised an urgent need for improved protection of military personnel and assets. Driven by stories from the field, they are committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance safety, performance, and situational awareness. Leveraging their expertise in nanotechnology, materials science, and robotics, their mission is to deliver cutting-edge technology that truly impacts the lives of those who serve.

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