NanoCube is a Melbourne based start-up specialising in the development of lightweight, ultra-high strength, durable, sustainable and cost-effective materials and products.

Whether the beneficiary is a soldier, pilot, factory owner/worker, doctor, nurse, astronaut or a member of the public, the aim is to be at the cutting edge of sustainably and cost effectively developing the next generation of smart materials and products. In addition, the aim is to rapidly jumpstart commercial upscaling of this technology in collaboration with industry partners.

We focus on value creating innovations with high potential for wide reaching impact and cross-sector applications across defence, aerospace, medical, construction and mining industries both locally in Australia and internationally.

Our technology uses a range of materials including metals, ceramic, and polymers.

Nanotechnological advancement sits at the heart of NanoCube, especially the development and realisation of breakthrough smart materials and products with real life benefits.

We create these high-tech materials and products using advanced manufacturing processes with the aid of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Why 'NanoCube'?

We use nanotechnology to improve or revolutionise the materials and products used in a range of sectors.

We are also fascinated by the naturally super strong cubic structure of the diamond, and it sometimes feels like what we do is like solving a rubrics cube!

Our Founders

Our co-founders Shawn and Lisa are passionate about developing innovative, value creating technological solutions to overcome industry problems.

Shawn is Chief Scientist at NanoCube.

Shawn is a materials scientist and holds a PhD from Melbourne University. He has extensive experience developing advanced materials suitable for defence, automotive and aerospace applications. 

Lisa has extensive experience in senior and executive leadership roles over the last 10 years. She completed her MBA at Monash Business. Lisa is a purpose and impact-driven leader.