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The discovery of new 'supermaterials' has potential to revolutionise the frontiers of material properties.

Super materials redefine the capabilities of everyday objects. Think about a car that can withstand damage in an accident, and at the same time, can store energy from the sun. Or an ultra light protective suit that can withstand stabbing and high impact projectiles.

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We're working on the next breakthrough supermaterial because of the real-life benefits they offer, including:

• improved safety and performance

• increased operational and energy efficiencies

• less fossil fuel emissions

• improved sustainability and

• improved quality of life

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A material that has it all (and more) & outperforms existing products


  • Super strong

  • Ultralight

  • Tough - able to withstand high impact

  • Corrosion resistant in extreme weather conditions

  • Low-cost to produce, repair and recycle

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Scalable and easy to manufacture 

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Just like human-made materials such as graphene, carbon nano-structures, borophene and biomaterials have transformed industries and sectors, the discovery of next generation supermaterials has potential to further revolutionise a broad range of industries including mining, medicine, defence, construction, manufacturing, aviation, automotive and space.

This super material has a broad range of applications:

  • Transportation: automobiles, aircrafts, shipbuilding, armoured vehicles and spacecrafts

  • Personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals, military, police and security personnel - e.g., advanced combat helmets, boots, next generation protective clothing, etc.

  • Machinery, equipment and raw materials used in construction, manufacturing and mining

  • Communication - e.g., protection of telephones, flight/voyager data, military tactical radiocommunication, satellites & radar systems

  • Consumer products - e.g., helmets, hiking shoes, motorcycle gear & luggage

The material may also be applied in the medical field in prosthetics, implants, and other medical devices.

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To find out more about our projects please reach out to us 

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